Competitive Advantage

Dedicated Project Management

At AESI, when we accept a job we accept all the responsibility that goes with it. An AESI Project Manager supervises the project from the initial contact through conceptual studies, engineering design, energy studies, sales, construction and commissioning. This responsibility continues through final acceptance as well as the warranty period. Your project manager’s responsibility is to get your job done … on time and on budget. AESI maintains this single source of responsibility to ensure that we adhere strictly to all of the project requirements, quality demands and time schedules.


Keeping on schedule requires a large amount of up-to-date information. AESI maintains a computerized database on all projects to allow project managers to have immediate access to up-to-date labor reports, equipment and materials status and time-and-cost accounting.

Engineering Design Approach

Engineering is the foundation of outstanding industrial systems. At AESI, we thrive on transforming innovative ideas into practical and reliable systems. We lead with the right concepts to meet your needs, and bring the advantage of fabrication and installation “know-how” to capitalize on the best means and methods for cost-effective results.
No matter how exacting your project requirements may be, AESI accounts for every detail of your design utilizing a laser scanner and scan registration.

  • 80 Professional Design Engineers
  • 25 Technical Designers
  • 40 AutoCAD Design Stations

We can work with an engineer of your choice to develop and analyze your project, or you can utilize AESI’s engineering resources provided by our parent company, ACCO Engineered Systems, to design your project in line with your quality and budget requirements. In both cases, we guarantee price, performance and schedule.

Highly Trained Labor Pool

With approximately 3,500 field employees ACCO Engineered Systems maintains one of the largest trained labor pools of union employees on the West Coast. Many of ACCO and AESI’s field employees have been with the company for more than 20 years and take great pride in the quality and complexity of the projects they complete.


AESI has multiple piping fabrication facilities located in strategic locations throughout California. These facilities can prefabricate the most complex piping systems with short notice and have it delivered to the jobsite to meet the most demanding project schedules.